Links Cheatsheet

Posted on: October 29th, 2012

Same directory (from index.html to about.html):

Click <a href=”about.html”> here </a> to visit my about page!

One level down (from index.html to salmon.html ):

Click <a href=”recipes/salmon.html”> here </a> to view the salmon recipe!

Two levels down (from index.html to linguine.html):

Click <a href=”recipes/pasta/linguine.html”> here </a> to view the linguine recipe!

One level up (from tapenade.html to index.html):

Click <a href=”../index.html”> here </a> to return to the home page.

Two levels up (from linguine.html to index.html):

Click <a href=”../../index.html”> here </a> to return to the home page.

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