The 100K Scuba Optimizing Assignment

Posted on: September 24th, 2012
Due Thursday, Oct. 4 at 5:45. We’ll have a crit at 7:00.

In this assignment you are given some text and some graphics files. Your job is to make a multipage web site out of these files. You must use all of the graphics files and the site must be under 100K. Decide how large you want to make each of the images and what is the best way to compress them. (JPEG, GIF … )

You will need a number of files for this project.

I’ve put the files you’ll need in a zipped folder, which you can download here.

They are all PSD or Illustrator files so you will need to convert them.

Here’s a list of the files

  • diver.psd
  • sand_water.psd
  • deepdown.psd
  • fish2.psd
  • beach.psd
  • scubadiver
  • scubaequipment
  • divertext.txt

This assignment will help you become more familiar with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

You will be graded on these criteria:

  • Code Structure (paired tags – html, head, title, body, etc.) – 5 points
  • Alignment of text and graphics on page; overall placement of images and text; color choices of text and background – 3 points
  • Use of all 7 images supplies – 7 points
  • Optimized all images appropriately – 3 points
  • Use of image source tag with attributes for all images – 2 points

Here are links to some sample pages:

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