Temporary Home Page (+ extra credit)

Posted on: October 25th, 2012
Due date for for basic version – Tuesday, Oct. 30

Due date for extra-credit enhancements – Tuesday, Dec. 18

Here’s a link to the handout: Temporary Home Page handout

Make a home page for your folder on caweb. How much you do is up to you.

What it must have by Oct. 30:

  • Working links to all your assignments (3 pts)
  • Must work as the index page to your directory. In other words, when I click on your name in the list, this page must appear. (6 pts)
  • One image (1 pts)
  • Satisfactory design (5 pts)
  • Valid code (5 pts)

If you add some fancy stuff, you can get extra credit! (due date for enhancement Dec. 18)

  • Original images/illustrations used well – (10 pts)
  • Semantic animation (in other words, animation that adds to the meaning and usability of the page (10 pts)
  • Gratuitous but fun animation (5 pts)
  • External style sheet –(5 pts)
  • Floated layout – (20 pts)
  • CSS link states –(5 pts)
  • Image map – (10 pts)
  • Design excellence (10 pts)

Bare-Bones Example

Fancied-up Examples


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