Dane County Farmers Market

Posted on: October 25th, 2012


Here’s a link to the materials you’ll need for the assignment: DCFM_Materials.

Here’s a link to the handout: DCFM Handout.

Here’s a link to the grading rubric: DCFM Grading.

Here’s a link to the Plan Like a Turtle worksheet: Plan Like a Turtle Worksheet.

Interim due date: Nov. 6 – see details below in project timeline.

Due date: Nov 15 at the beginning of class.

Student examples:

Create a web site for the Dane County Farmers Market

  • Your site will have four pages, a home page with three secondary pages.
  • Text for all pages is provided.
  • You can choose from the two provided logos.
  • This project is worth 100 points.

Project requirements:

  • To begin your creative process using brainstorming, outlining and sketching techniques,
  • To create a tight prototype of your site using Photoshop or Illustrator,
  • To slice and optimize the prototype in the program of your choice, and then to lay out the site using CSS,
  • To create a consistent graphic look throughout the whole site, and
  • To use the copy provided.
  • All copy, with the exception of logo, decorative text and headlines will be html.
  • Do not add or remove logo elements, or change the font in the logo.

Project Timeline:

  • Oct 25 – In class, we will discuss the project, brainstorming and wireframing. We will start gathering source materials for the assignment.
  • Oct 30 – In class, we will work on creating a site prototype and on wireframing.  (Also, intro to Dreamweaver)
  • Nov 1 – Work day. (Also, we’ll talk about making absolutely positioned divs and  other CSS rules  with Dreamweaver.)
  • Nov 6 -  Interim deadline and crit- you’ll need to show three things: sketches, wireframes and a Photoshop/Illustrator prototype. If you don’t have these items ready,  your final grade will be lowered 10 points.
  • Nov 8 – Work day. (Also, review of some spans and divs.)
  • Nov 13 – Work day. (Also, I’ll show you how to make web forms – both the easy way and the hard way.)
  • Nov 15 – Project due at beginning of class.

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