Web Gazette Stage 2

Posted on: September 5th, 2012
Due Tuesday, September 11 in class.

We’ll work on this in class tonight (Sept. 6) and next Tuesday and finish it next Tuesday. Click here for the handout.

In Stage 2, we’re making our Web Gazettes look something like the image below this post.

Here’s what you do to turn Stage 1 into Stage 2:

  • Using CSS, style the text in the page (h elements, paragraphs, etc.)
  • Add a background color.
  • Style the horizontal rule elements.
  • Use CSS pseudoclass selectors, add link, hover, visited and active states to the links.
  • Use CSS to create a margin (space) around the body element.
  • Use proper naming conventions for files and directories (no spaces; only letters, numbers, underscores, hyphens and periods; use of lowercase letters)
  • Everything still works – do your tags close? Do you have alt attributes on all images?
  • Files organized properly on CAWEB – inside a directory names YNH_Webgazette.

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