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More HTML + a little bit of CSS – Week 2 Recap

Posted on: September 7th, 2012

Web Gazette Stage 2 is due September 11 during class. You’ll have time to work on it in class (most of you won’t need much more time, I don’t think).

Reading Assignment
In the text, Learning Web Design, read

  • Chapter 6: Adding Links, pages 95-113
  • Chapter 11: CSS Orientation, pages 207 – 214
  • Chapter 12: Formatting Text, pages 225 – 243
  • Chapter 13: Colors and Background, pages 265-278

So! What did we find out about this week?

Some new html elements

This week we concentrated on lists, links and images. We also learned about how to invisibly comment your web page.

Need a review? Read chapters 2 and 5 in Learning Web Design.

The relevant portions in Chapter 5 are pages 69 – 77, pages 84 -87, page 92 and page 99.

Elements have attributes

Sometimes they’re really important. Take the anchor element. What’s an anchor element, such as <a href=””>,without the href attribute and value? Not that useful.

Elements can be block-level or inline

Most elements are block-level (they start a new line). But a few are inline. See Learning Web Design page 84.


We added some style to our web pages using CSS. For simple instructions on doing so, see page 65 of Learning Web Design.

Looking to Week Three

Next week, we’ll finish Web Gazette Stage 2 and begin our next assignment – a simple HTML resume. So, be sure to have your resume information rounded up. We’ll start work on it Tuesday the 11th. It will be due before class on Tuesday September 18.


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