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Dreamweaver, at long last (week 10)

Posted on: November 1st, 2012

We started using Dreamweaver, Adobe’s web design product, this week. Dreamweaver is really useful. It’s a text editor, a file manager and an FTP client (like Fetch) all in one.

But it can also be confusing – probably because it does so much. So we’ll take it slow.

We also started work on the Dane County Farmer’s Market assignment. We’ll have a preliminary crit on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Here’s what you need to have ready on Tuesday. In a manila envelope:

  • Filled out worksheet with
  • 2 mood sketches
  • 2 wireframes

A preliminary Photoshop mockup of your home page for the site. This should be printed out.


 Also, please bring two examples of web sites, or features of websites, that drive you crazy.


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