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Usability + CSS in Dreamweaver (Week 11)

Posted on: November 11th, 2012

We talked about websites that are horrible, and that was fun because we can all come up with so many.

Here‘s a post with links to some great usability resources.

Don’t Make Me Think is the definitive book about usability, well worth a read. I think it has applications beyond digital design. Many designed items that you use every day – packaging, textbooks, other books, phones, instruction manuals – could stand a little usability testing.

Dreamweaver Demo screencast

We also started using Dreamweaver for CSS – both for layout and for styling text and so forth. Below are links to screencasts I made from my Thursday night demo.

  1. Layout with Dreamweaver part 1 – 6 minutes. Overview of project plus the most important part of working on a site in Dreamweaver.
  2. Layout with Dreamweaver part 2  – 7 minutes. Creating the divs we’ll style later.
  3. Layout with Dreamweaver part 3 – 7:40 minutes. CSS in Dreamweaver; styling the wrapper div.
  4. Layout with Dreamweaver part 4 – 7 minutes. Styling the header div.
  5. Layout with Dreamweaver part 5 – 3 minutes. Styling the maincontent and sidebar divs.
  6. Layout with Dreamweaver part 6 – 13 minutes. Styling the text. Styling the links. Creating the border between maincontent and sidebar.

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